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My Prayer
Dear Lord,
Forgive me for my many sins
forgive me for leading him
into harmful temptation
Dear lord let him know
that I still love him so
I'm changing my life for you
setting my morals anew
to ready myself for him
He deserves so much more
than what I've given him before
so this is what I ask
Help me to change
I need to rearrange
my whole being
Then when you see
that I am ready to be
all that he needs
Send him back to me
so that we can be
together forever
living under your name
completely free from blame
and without the sin
that haunts us both
I take this oath
to serve you forever
and love him for just as long
I sing this song
here and now
for you and he
the only ones for me
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 3
Go ahead, little boy
How many times can you say
its your fault that I am this way
How long will you blame me
for the feeling that you decree
my cold heart inflicted upon
your fragile soul that I broke
well I say that you can choke
on all those words that you spoke
all those lies that you spread
to make yourself appear
like you were in the clear
I am the one with the spear
and I just keep twisting and jabbing
stabbing through every inch of your life
while you brandish your knife
that you used to cause me strife
and tear me down and through
You sent me to a place
where I could rot in my disgrace
but then a beautiful face
lifted me from this hole
showed me the beauty I own
no longer feeling alone
I reached for the unknown
and found a boy
who saw through my wall
even though it stood so tall
he still managed to crawl
into my tightly folded arms
and dug his way
to my dismay
where forever he will stay
into this insensate heart
and so you begin
to tear me down bit by bit
with your so called wit
you might as well s
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 6
Still a child
Barely a child
But still deserving
Breath taken away
Life taken away
But not her spirit
You smile at me
with what little strength
you still have left
Your laugh stops my heart
just like your own
so many years ago
How could you leave
How could I be
so selfish to make you
Why when I look at you
do I see only see
what my eyes percieve
Where are the memories
of who you used to be
when your life had meaning
Why do I not know
who it is I see in
the pages of my past
Why do I shed tears
when all I pretend to know
is the life I now lead
She only had a few years
to feel what its like to live
the life we take for granted
She saw life as a challenge ahead
Who knew it would someday be
A challenge to only breath
She only knew me as
the careless little girl I was
who never ever knew
I never even dreamed
That you would go away
and still be so close
Close enough to hold
but not be held back
please hold me...
But I feel nothing
nothing but a hope
a hope that someday
Your legs will walk
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 1 10
Mature content
Together Forever :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 31
The War
Pain is but an illusion
to comfort a bitter soul.
The heart is only a tool
for digging death's hole.
Our minds are the child
that cries out for its life.
Hands grasp the past
and guide the bloody knife.
The knife carves our names
into the willow tree.
The tree still stands scarred
our ashes thrown to the sea.
The sea breaks the dam
that holds my tears inside.
My tears form the river
that connects the great divide.
The river becomes tainted
with the poison of bloodshed.
One taste of the cursed drink
and I knew why the river bled.
The taste defiled my mouth
so I spat it on the ground.
The blood became a mist
and drifted out of sight.
A storm brewed above
turning the sun into night.
A whisper in the wind
was a welcoming sound.
It told me of the war
that happens everyday.
People are the culprit
and emotions are the prey.
Instincts are the warning
that try to hold you back.
But you shove them far away
when the enemies attack.
Some do not survive
the onslaught of treason.
But the ones who li
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 4 21
Jumped in the river... by FrozenDruidess Jumped in the river... :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 19
Mature content
One more chance :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 3 18
At First Sight
Going out with friends
The stars shining bright.
Little did I know
my life would change tonight.
Driving along the boardwalk
showing off my car.
Will they like it?
The ride is not that far.
Walking along the beach
I saw his gorgeous face
The closer he came to us
the faster my heart paced
I strayed along a dream.
Did she know?
I followed her every move.
Beauty shining right through.
Something about his stare
urged me to look away.
Though I pretended not to look
My eyes could not help but stray.
Wanting to ask her.
Never did I dare.
I am Nothing but a loser.
For all I care.
My legs wanted to walk
my mouth wanted to speak,
But all I could do was gaze
like a gawking little geek.
It feels like I share this feeling.
Waves beating down on the shore.
Am I the only one appealing?
Just hide it no more.
His searching eyes told me
that I was not the only one
who didn't have the strength
to pull the trigger on the gun.
One small step away.
My path turned frozen.
From so many ways.
The cowardly was
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 2 11
The sister I never had
This is the story of a girl, who was the youngest of her siblings. Normally the youngest of the family is known as the baby. He or she is always the more pampered one and is generally closer to the mother. This was the case for the girl in this story. We'll call her Fiona.
Our story starts out when she was 14 years old. Her and her sister were fooling around with the voice recorder on their computer in the living room. This was their first computer that they had just gotten so they were very easily entertained by just about every feature. The little girl especially enjoyed this simply because she didn't get much time to spend with her older sister, Maria. Maria was everything Fiona hoped to grow up to be. Being 19, Maria had freedoms that Fiona could only dream of, but rarely did she include her little sister into her life. She spent almost every night at one of her many friends houses and traveled a lot. But this night would be different. They were going to a sleepover party together
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 24
Music Box
A beautiful little music box
with flowers of gold embracing its surface.
Shades of auburn and cherise
blend within the smooth glossy wood.
A small intricate lock
guards its many hidden secrets.
This finely crafted key
reveals the mysteries hidden within.
Crushed scarlet velvet
blankets the treasure inside.
An elfin ballerina
arises to dance her elegant solo.
The ethreal chiming music
follows her every exquisite twirl.
The diamond shaped mirror
guides her graceful steps.
As the music slows down
the pretty danseuse grows fatigued
As the lid is slowly closed
nightime descends over her world.
The lock is once again shut
only to open and dazzle me once again.
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 1 12
You preach of peace and harmony
But all you bring is catastrophy
You send a message to all people
through the burning of a steeple
With the death of an innocent child
You avenge your God so meek and mild
The shattered glass that litters the ground
was broken by your faith profound.
A sermon of gunshots echoes through the street
as 10 praying bodies fall to the concrete.
A single bad apple in a basket full of fruit,
You kill your holy name with your bloodthristy pursuit.
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 3 13
Mature content
The Death of the Gods :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 7 10
Little Glass Doll
Dear little girl,
Living in your fantasy world.
Pretending that he really cares.
Imagining you're the perfect pair.
You're just a little glass doll
who breaks everytime you fall.
The glue would hold you together for a while
but it could never hold your beautiful smile.
You think hes the best you can do,
even though he never stayed true.
The few sweet moments that he feigned
far outweighed the constant pain.
Why do you caress the bruise that he kissed
when he hit you with his passionate fist.
Stop holding on to the arms that he scarred
when he hugged you just a bit too hard.
You can escape from his endless lies
And rip off his pathetic disguise.
Finally then will you be free
to search for that other fish in the sea.
Dear little girl,
Trying to escape your fantasy world.
Run from the boundaries of his hold
Into these arms away from the cold.
:iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 5 27
Bug's Eye View by FrozenDruidess Bug's Eye View :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 6 Shakespeare's Garden by FrozenDruidess Shakespeare's Garden :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 1 8 Natural Illusion by FrozenDruidess Natural Illusion :iconfrozendruidess:FrozenDruidess 0 5

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the fight
Bloody, broken, bruised, and branded,
Fractured ribs, the punch has landed.
Battered, wounded, twisted legs,
"Let me go!" the victim begs.
Now doubled over, spitting teeth,
His mother screams, consumed with grief.
Show no mercy, fight to death,
Till a broken body's all that's left.
There's no reason, none at all,
To cause this high-aimed youth to fall.
"Help me! Help me!" He gasps and cries,
But knows they'll beat him till he dies.
Pathetic soul left all alone,
Bloody face, shattered bones.
The mother wails, "It's not his time!"
They will pay for this vicious crime.
With no regret, remorse, or sorrow,
The gang will strike again tomorrow.
Now roses lie upon the grave,
Cherished friend we could not save...........
:iconultimateussj10:ultimateussj10 4 10
The Questions of a Warrior
The Questions of a Warrior:
By Robin Nederlof.
What am I? Why do I live?
What's my Purpose, What's my goal?
Is life something to give?
Or is life a never ending black hole?
Why do people fight?
Why do people take lives?
Can't people see the light?
Or is it all about swords and knives?
Is it because I fight for noble rights?
Or do I dream these foolish things?
Or is it because of all those sleepless nights?
Maybe all this kind of links?
Do people always hate?
Or is there some love and trust?
What's this feeling is it already that late?
Is this really some kind of must?
Why did I fight all my life? Was it for nothing?
Could I have lived a normal life?
Is this feeling my inside plotting?
Maybe I could have had some kids and a wife?
But all I know is my soul will never find peace.
People need to know that they only have one life.
They should stop fighting and remain at ease!
Finally I can stop killing and throw away my knife!
What will become of me when I face the great one?
Will he send m
:iconrobino:Robino 1 6
Rem'Dhar by zilla774 Rem'Dhar :iconzilla774:zilla774 249 94
Remnants Of A Child
Remnants Of A Child
It just seemed too soon
When her dolls were thrown away
While I was forced to face the world
Someone still wanted to play....
The remnants of a child, that had not yet grown
Her arrested youth, now carved in stone
She sees the world through the same wide eyes
That found wonderment in midnight skies
The only difference, the only thing lost
Is the will to fight back at any cost
That carefree spirit, that danced circles around fountains
That dreamed of growing up and moving mountains
She was in a foggy bliss
With all the dreams she had to live for
When she had no clue, that someday
There would be no more
She remembers the solution to all her problems
A bowl of ice cream, and the promise of tomorrow
When now, what was once a solution
Can only bring more sorrow
She remembers the magic of holidays
And making angels in the snow
The toasty nights of cookies and hot chocolate
By the christmas trees soft glow
She remembers, but it's just not the same
When seen through another
:iconmoonbeams:Moonbeams 3 18


So I haven't been on this much in like forever and I attempted to look at all the deviations but I simply gave up. Im sorry guys but I deleted all new deviations I had. If there are any deviations you guys would like me to look at send me links. I feel bad for doing it but I was going crazy trying to keep up.
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